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Service for full night avaialble at Rs.12k only

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Looking for some paid fun with Mumbai Escorts?

Meet cosmopolitan call girls for a couple of hours or for a full night. Donation starts at Rs. 5k, depending on the time and inclusive of travel charges (in-call escorts service) or for room rental (out-call escorts service).

"Paid Fun 69" is managed by experienced manager Mr. Deep whose intention is to help girls who want to work in this industry willingly.

So, if you want to make a booking or inquire about something, just call Mr. Deep at +91-9987243696.

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Friday, 16 March 2018

Current Offer : Female Escort + Hotel Room at Rs.5k

March 16, 2018
sexy escort sitting on bed of a Hotel room

From now onwards we are offering low budget escorts services in Mumbai, starting at just Rs.5000/- only (FIXED/NON-NEGOTIABLE).

What if I don't have my own place?
Don't worry, come to our location in Andheri West, we will book a Hotel room for you at no extra cost. Yes no extra charges for a hotel room.

Duration and number of shots?
At Rs.5k you will get to spend 1 hour with female escort which will include foreplay and 1 shot, if you want to spend more time or you want to have more shots then check our full rates section.
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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Bisexual girl 'Sapna' is good at roleplaying

December 20, 2017

A good girl is someone who understands what a man is talking about and I am a good girl. I know what your adult jokes means. I understands your dirty signals and desires. People say that I am a very good listener.

I am 5'3", have a curvy figure. I am slim. I like to wear light accessories and black is my favorite color. When I go out to meet clients I generally wear a Black dress because it's classy and sexy. If the client has some requirement or if there is some dress code, I am comfortable with that.

I have Dark Brown eyes, my body weight is around 54 kgs and I don't have a boyfriend. My job is very demanding and I don't want to cheat on someone. I enjoy being in a relationship with my clients. My intentions are clear and for a couple of years, I am fully committed to this profession.

I also enjoy threesome sex. I have had this experience also with some client who wanted to fuck me with his friend. It was a first time experience for me and it is so fulfilling. I am also comfortable with couples. There are some couple in which the woman is bisexual so they also enjoy sharing me. It's a completely different experience when you have sex with a couple.

Mr. Deep my manager is very kind to me. I enjoy working with his escorts agency. I think we are the best in Mumbai because we are good people, I know this adult entertainment but today people are more accepting and respectful. I am thankful to all those men who showed me a very good time, who shared their wonderful life stories with me.

I can speak fluently both Hindi and English. I am also good at roleplaying and enjoy both submissive and dominating positions. I think I am the best Mumbai Escort that you can hire in your budget. I am not comfortable traveling to other cities if you are in Mumbai or you are about to come here then only book me. You can either choose to come to my place or I can be at your place.

Refresh your mood, get satisfied and feel motivated with me.You can book me through my manager only. I don't share my private information online because of privacy. If you want any kind of details related to me, or if you want to book me, call my manager.
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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Ishita loves to bend down naked in heels while taking it from behind

December 17, 2017

Time is something that a man can't control. Why not enjoy ourselves, live a stress-free life and create some good memories for the future?

I am Ishita and I joined this Mumbai escorts agency recently. Earlier I was little afraid and shy that after exposing myself to a couple of clients I have gained a lot of confidence and I am enjoying my job. And the best thing about the job is the money. Yes I am here for money, I like sex but that I could have had with anybody, I am good looking, 5'5", fair, slim and I am very attractive. I even have a boyfriend, he is cute and everything. I buy gifts for him, he loves me a lot. But I have not shared with him that I am a professional call girl.

I like to satisfy my clients, this is my job. Sometimes a client requests me for anal sex and I have to lie down on my stomach while he is doing me from behind. It is painful sometimes, my hole is tight, but some clients have this very bad fantasy and when they see my soft, white ass they just can't control and kiss me there. Some clients have even licked my hole. Yes, it gets really dirty sometimes.

But this also happens that a client is someone who is not emotionally satisfied and all he just want is warm hug and some sweet talk. It is a different experience with different people.

What is your fantasy? Some men like boobs, some men love ass, some just wanna lick smooth, sexy milky thighs.

I can really contribute something positive in your life. I love wearing western outfits, especially mini skirts. I'm comfortable wearing a short dress in public, although sometimes I get unwanted attention.

My favorite sex position is the one in which I have to bend down wearing heels and the guy is thrusting my pussy from behind. Pussy really gets very tight in this position.

I am an opportunity, I am young and full of passion. If you want to grab this opportunity, if you want to undress me, make me dance naked in front of you, show you how I twerk my ass and more, you can book me with through this agency.

Have a good day, hope to see you soon.

This is an opportunity, if you want to explore Ishita, undress her, make her dance naked, you can book her, for booking or inquiry contact our agency.
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Friday, 15 December 2017

Good looking, open minded babe could be your next companion

December 15, 2017

An open-minded girl is like an open book. If you can afford the book, you can read it.

My nickname is Sona, I am a true entertainer. I don't like boring people who even don't put any efforts in making their life entertaining. My job is to make people happy, to entertain them to satisfy them but for that, you are required to hire me. And to hire me you must have that guts and money as well. Location is not an issue. I can come to your place or you can also visit me at my place. I live in a comfortable 2 BHK house with all the facilities.

I am a perfect companion you can have in Mumbai to spend a night or couple of hours with.

Sometimes you are looking for some perfect Mumbai Escort and you keep on searching the web. A lot of options are there which is a good thing but sometimes you miss out the real thing.

I am a nice, good-looking babe. I have even got an invitation from Dubai. My agency helped me to go to Dubai and I had a lot of fun there, I met some very rich clients. But home is home so I came back and I love to meet Gujarati, Marwari and South Indian clients who pay well.

If you are looking for a trashy cheap call girl who is ready to fuck at a very low rate and who fucks at least 4-5 clients daily, you can hire them, they also need money to feed their kids and unemployed and worthless husband. But if you are not looking for a cheap Mumbai call girl and some exotic experience that you love to cherish, you can contact me or any other call girl from this agency.

Prices are negotiable to a reasonable limit.

Mr. Deep is the manager of this escorts agency - and is your customer representative.

When I was interested to work as a escort in Mumbai, I met Mr. Deep, he interviewed me personally and I really enjoyed it. I am a bubbly and sweet girl and this is what impressed him the most. We had a lot of fun together and on the first day of my interview, I insisted that I wanted to stay with you for the night because I really wanted to impress him with my dirty skills. And what a night that was. He is also very good looking and young.

And from next day I was on board.

I am a calm and friendly person. My behavior towards clients is always nice. I appreciate them, listen to them and let them enjoy. I also welcome kind and sweet gestures towards me and I always try to return them the favors in all possible ways.

Sweet memories are created, we all get opportunities and it depends on person to person, some men keep on thinking and are not able to take any decision, on the other hand, some of you will call us and book me and we will enjoy the whole night.
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Deepa beats her competition by offering exclusive services to clients

December 15, 2017

She is a versatile girl who loves getting along with both men and women. She is a very friendly person, who loves and respects all kinds of people.

Deepa is an open minded girl, who is not afraid of sharing. She believes sharing is caring and she cares a lot about other people's feeling. Sometimes getting hurt herself because of this habit.

She had a boyfriend who broke up with her after knowing that she is a Mumbai Escort, although in starting Deepa calmed him down by saying that she only get paid for the companionship but somehow he finds out that Deepa is also fucking her clients.

But Deepa is not a bad person, she is good at heart. She tries not to hurt anyone's feelings, so when a client gets comfortable with her and starts getting cozy with her, Deepa doesn't hesitate, she let them do it. You too can get close to her, undress her and make love to her. She is confident about her personality, her body and she is an easy girl for you, who will willingly give you a nice blowjob and some massage.

Such provisions of getting intimate with clients are essential for an escort in Mumbai because the competition is huge. Deepa says, "clients generally not pay money for just spending time together, they want more from you and such desires are always expressed and fulfilled."

Leaving escorts agencies and independent female escorts in Mumbai, there are "escorts classifieds" website also, where we post ads. Reaching a client is very important for us and then satisfying them, entertaining them is a next level task and Deepa is expert in that. She is a true professional who builds relationships confidently.
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