Good looking, open minded babe could be your next companion

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Friday, 15 December 2017

Good looking, open minded babe could be your next companion

An open-minded girl is like an open book. If you can afford the book, you can read it.

My nickname is Sona, I am a true entertainer. I don't like boring people who even don't put any efforts in making their life entertaining. My job is to make people happy, to entertain them to satisfy them but for that, you are required to hire me. And to hire me you must have that guts and money as well. Location is not an issue. I can come to your place or you can also visit me at my place. I live in a comfortable 2 BHK house with all the facilities.

I am a perfect companion you can have in Mumbai to spend a night or couple of hours with.

Sometimes you are looking for some perfect Mumbai Escort and you keep on searching the web. A lot of options are there which is a good thing but sometimes you miss out the real thing.

I am a nice, good-looking babe. I have even got an invitation from Dubai. My agency helped me to go to Dubai and I had a lot of fun there, I met some very rich clients. But home is home so I came back and I love to meet Gujarati, Marwari and South Indian clients who pay well.

If you are looking for a trashy cheap call girl who is ready to fuck at a very low rate and who fucks at least 4-5 clients daily, you can hire them, they also need money to feed their kids and unemployed and worthless husband. But if you are not looking for a cheap Mumbai call girl and some exotic experience that you love to cherish, you can contact me or any other call girl from this agency.

Prices are negotiable to a reasonable limit.

Mr. Deep is the manager of this escorts agency - and is your customer representative.

When I was interested to work as a escort in Mumbai, I met Mr. Deep, he interviewed me personally and I really enjoyed it. I am a bubbly and sweet girl and this is what impressed him the most. We had a lot of fun together and on the first day of my interview, I insisted that I wanted to stay with you for the night because I really wanted to impress him with my dirty skills. And what a night that was. He is also very good looking and young.

And from next day I was on board.

I am a calm and friendly person. My behavior towards clients is always nice. I appreciate them, listen to them and let them enjoy. I also welcome kind and sweet gestures towards me and I always try to return them the favors in all possible ways.

Sweet memories are created, we all get opportunities and it depends on person to person, some men keep on thinking and are not able to take any decision, on the other hand, some of you will call us and book me and we will enjoy the whole night.

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