Ishita loves to bend down naked in heels while taking it from behind

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Ishita loves to bend down naked in heels while taking it from behind

Time is something that a man can't control. Why not enjoy ourselves, live a stress-free life and create some good memories for the future?

I am Ishita and I joined this Mumbai escorts agency recently. Earlier I was little afraid and shy that after exposing myself to a couple of clients I have gained a lot of confidence and I am enjoying my job. And the best thing about the job is the money. Yes I am here for money, I like sex but that I could have had with anybody, I am good looking, 5'5", fair, slim and I am very attractive. I even have a boyfriend, he is cute and everything. I buy gifts for him, he loves me a lot. But I have not shared with him that I am a professional call girl.

I like to satisfy my clients, this is my job. Sometimes a client requests me for anal sex and I have to lie down on my stomach while he is doing me from behind. It is painful sometimes, my hole is tight, but some clients have this very bad fantasy and when they see my soft, white ass they just can't control and kiss me there. Some clients have even licked my hole. Yes, it gets really dirty sometimes.

But this also happens that a client is someone who is not emotionally satisfied and all he just want is warm hug and some sweet talk. It is a different experience with different people.

What is your fantasy? Some men like boobs, some men love ass, some just wanna lick smooth, sexy milky thighs.

I can really contribute something positive in your life. I love wearing western outfits, especially mini skirts. I'm comfortable wearing a short dress in public, although sometimes I get unwanted attention.

My favorite sex position is the one in which I have to bend down wearing heels and the guy is thrusting my pussy from behind. Pussy really gets very tight in this position.

I am an opportunity, I am young and full of passion. If you want to grab this opportunity, if you want to undress me, make me dance naked in front of you, show you how I twerk my ass and more, you can book me with through this agency.

Have a good day, hope to see you soon.

This is an opportunity, if you want to explore Ishita, undress her, make her dance naked, you can book her, for booking or inquiry contact our agency.

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