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Service for full night avaialble at Rs.12k only

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About us

Are you tired of feeling alone?

We are social animals and hungry for love and support. Being a man we do a lot for others and sometimes we do not get that same amount of love in return. Maybe because we are supposed to be less emotional, but are we? We want to experience someone giving us those warm hugs, those "Jaadu Ki Jappi" as we call in Hindi and listen to us with patience and make love passionately. Sometimes we are single, sometimes our partner is not that interested like she used to be.

The one simple solution is to pay for what you are looking for and in this case hire a professional Mumbai Escort, who will fulfill your fantasies.

Yes, we fulfil your dirty dreams

The procedure is simple, you call us and tell us what kind of girl you want, when and where. You can also select from the call girls that are listed on this website. Depending on the type of the service (incall or outcall) you can have full discreet fun for the time you are paying for. Your privacy is fully maintained and the girl with you in the room or in public will obey you and do as you please. To make a booking you will have to call us on our number, our manager Mr. Deep will respond to all your calls and will manage your schedule.

About the manager : Mr. Deep

Mr. Deep is the manager as well as the owner of this escorts agency and website. He has been in this industry for a very long time. With all his experience he understands your needs your emotions. His intention is to help good decent girls who want to fuck willingly meet high profile clients and vice versa. Girls are interviewed and selected on the basis of their beauty, body assets and mental attentiveness. Dumb girls who are not good looking, can't entertain or satisfy a man and are not selected to be the part of this escorts agency.

11 basic things about our agency that you must know -

  1. We provide service 24/7
  2. No payment in advance, pay after you are satisfied
  3. Extra hours means extra cost
  4. All booking done via phone call only, no messages or whatsapp pls
  5. We also provide Hotel rooms with no extra cost
  6. Incall services will include the travel cost i.e. no extra cost
  7. Discounts given if you book more than 1 escort
  8. Girlfriend experience assured
  9. We don't entertain wrong clients again
  10. Using condoms is must
  11. Group fun allowed with some extra cost

Money can buy you some love juice

Money is something that is very influential. A person who has money leads a better life and will always have options in life. Money helps in building better relationships, friendships and social status which affects one's happiness.

There are thousands of escorts in Mumbai who are daily hired by men who can afford them. Good looking girls, models, housewives engaged and willingly doing the job and meeting men and serving them in all possible ways you can imagine.

Time changes but money never changes, it only grows in value. And with that power in your hand, you can get anything for yourself, it doesn't matter how old you are. You must have seen pretty young girls entertaining older guys just for their money.

I am not saying that you need to spend your hard earned money blindly, but you need to spend carefully and in right escorts.

What makes our call girls so special?

A person who makes changes to somethings in order to improve is called a Reformer. Our Mumbai call girls are ideal for men who want to feel something special in their life.

To feel special what a person needs in life?

A person can use the money to buy anything but he is gratified only when other human being appreciates & loves him. I hope you must be having many people in your life to make you feel special. But sometimes we just need something new, something just more than the talking, you can't get intimate with everyone. For that, you need to hire a special escort girl in Mumbai who will inspire, help and appreciate you for everything.

We believe in providing girlfriend experience to our clients. Our call girls make sure that you don't feel as if you are sitting with some stranger. Communication is the key to build any type of good relationships, to know each other's liking and disliking, hobbies, favorite sex positions, etc. leads to better intimacy and senses of fulfillment. Foreplay is also important. When two human beings are all naked in a room, it is understood that some licking, kissing, grasping of body parts will take place, some cheap Independent call girls might restrict you from doing this but not us. We let you express yourself, your feelings & desires are what we care about.

In this world, there will be very few people who will actually be concerned with your feelings and desires. Ask yourself how many people are there in this world who can actually fulfill your desires? Through us, you can get access to any of our beautiful babes in no time.

You need escorts service today or after a couple of days, just let us know in advance and we will set your meeting with a female of your dreams who will make you feel special.

Just Call Mr. Deep @ +91.9987243696 for booking

If you have made up your mind and seriously want to gift a pussy to your dick then just call us.

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